Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It was a long weekend for me as my Mom and Sis were in the city and after they've gone I have a very important audit waiting for me. Finally, two days of audition for my company to renew it's international license is done. We passed the audit successfully and we will not have to do this again for another 3 years. Such a relief. I guess there's nothing important to accomplish anymore for the year. What should've done has been done and the closure is simple.

I am a big fan of American Breakfast. For people who know me well enough, knows that eggs and bacon dazzles me. When my family was here, I took the chance to bring them so some of my favorite spots in BKK that serve the most authentic American Breakfast.

On the first day we woke up to the sign of approaching winter. It was chilly as Mom open the windows and my Sis was kind of excited because this is what she's longing for. It was a sunny day with a touch of cooling breeze when the wind blows. It came to my mind that it would be great if we go to a location that kind of set the winter moods in. It was a short trip for them and so I choose "Roast Cafe & Bistro" on the first day and "Audrey" the next day for our breakfast during their stay.

Our first stop is Roast. A warm and cozy place with large glass panel. At a glance, most of the patrons are ex-pat and foreign students swinging their morning away with delightful breakfast.

What we had for breakfast is pretty much basic. Nothing special, just food with original taste from where it belongs and invented. On the table were "Roast" Breakfast, Two Eggs Any Style and Classic Egg Benedict.

The next morning we were at Audrey. A restaurant named and inspired by Audrey Hepburn who stars in the Hollywood hit Breakfast at Tiffany's. A cottage like structure located in a quiet lane of the concrete jungle in Thonglor. FYI, Thonglor is also known as the Beverly Hills of BKK where the most diversified sides of BKK presents itself.

Audrey's quotes on the wall.

What we had on the able were Cream of Ground Beef with Fried Egg on Toast, Omelette stuffed with Ham, Mozzarella Cheese and Mushrooms and the last but not least Salmon Benedict. An all time American favorite.

Besides all the satisfying food and all, we had a really great time. Nonetheless, the small talk we had throughout our day is lagendary. Haha!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Night Rant

I just switched to Firefox and writing with it is a lot more better than Safari. It's like writing with no boundaries... all wide and clean. I am not sure what kind of curse is running inside me. For the past few weeks there's just failure, failure and failures. Things doesn't flow right based on the rate that I'd prefer. Yeah.. things goes wrong and get halted wayyyy it was scheduled. But I must admit that the turning point is around the corner. Perception are getting clearer, and all the error has started to fall in line for the better change. I hope all can be done flawlessly before the people of the World celebrate their New Year.

I am kinda upset that I'm at the 4th season now because I knew it will end very very soon. God, I just gonna miss Sheldon and his friends! For the past month I watched The Big Bang Theory while having breakfast on my off days and dinner after I got back from work. It was funny and a delightful sitcom to start and to end the day. Just can't stop laughing at their miserable scientific thoughts and how each of them put themselves in for one another. It's a shame that I started so late as the first season was aired back in late 2007. Nonetheless I'm catching up with it quite profusely. Bazzinga!

Time flies, it doesn't matter you're counting by the rate of a year, a month, a day or an hour... Time really flies before our eyes could blink. See? It's late now and I should stop at this very point and tuck myself in. For the one who is 8273 miles away from me right now. I wish her a very good morning and a pleasant day ahead. I hope she is well. ^^

Monday, November 28, 2011

Not A Bad Sunday

Woke up fresh today although I had a few episodes of dreams along the way before I opened up my eyes to a slow paced Sunday. As my friends were enjoying themselves in Hua Hin I took the chance to hibernate myself after a long two weeks of midnight conquest. I told myself that today it's just gonna be me and I'll do whatever I feel comfortable with. The traffic was on the free flow side and it was such a bonus to drive around in Bangkok. Went to the city and run some errands before stopping by at a mall to have my lunch.

Grabbed a few titles for the pleasure of entertaining myself at night. Surprisingly they have the reissue of "Breakfast at Tiffany's", and why not give it a try since it is an all time classic that so many songs and movies were inspired by this movie.

In Bangkok you can't go wrong with style and fashion by following what you saw on the streets of this ever-changing city. The vintage iphone case is a big hit. Any vintage prints on the case is selling mad here. I saw some today and they have the prints identical to Hermes scarf. I have no idea why I bought it, I'm not even sure if I'm gonna use it but I do like the prints.

OK look... my wardrobe is just a disaster. I took the privilege of an hour on Sunday to tidy up this mess. Then I ran for 30 minutes at the gym which is quite refreshing and did some weight lifting as well. I put on 3kg, and can you imagine how huge the pork is if you asked for 3kg at the market? Tell this to a girl who just put on a few pounds.

My dinner... I think I will be eating SUBWAY for a month as dinner for the sake of my diet. This beauty only cost 320 calories per serving and 5.0g of fats. This sandwich wraps up my Sunday night on the bed while watching those DVDs that I've bought. Still... Simple is bliss, I'm living up with this quote. :P

Late Lunch

Was supposed to meet up my friends for lunch at Paragon on a warm Sunday but I woke up too late to join them. They were done with lunch and started off with their shopping spree around the Siam Square area. The traffic to city was light and it wasn't a problem looking for a parking space at Paragon on Sunday. In no time I'm there. Since they were busy doing their own business already, I took some sweet time to spent my late-lunch at greyhound cafe. It's been a long while since the last time I patronized here. Wanted to try some of the food in the special "BKK-OSLO-BKK" menu but it was not there anymore. So back to basic.. Ordered the garlic and bacon fried rice that comes with a soup, and a glass of ice blended Thai milk tea. Such a simple pleasuring meal on a warm Sunday.
Cooling ice blended Thai milk tea..
Garlic & bacon fried rice. Lot's of garlic, for true garlic lover only.
When eating alone...

Always enjoy dining at this cozy cafe.

A Fishy Dinner

I took the chance to bring Bill & Kate to one of BKK's chickiest restaurant located in the alleys of Sukhumvit road during their stay in BKK. Here we are at Fat Fish. At a glance, this little french bistro around the corner of a junction added a lit of light that brightens up the dull corner. It was a rainy night and this would be the perfect place for our dinner. Rain drops drizzles on the glass panel adds up the moods to what seemingly as a romantic dinner (for Bill & Kate) and the brick wall generates a well amount of warm and cozy atmosphere to this restaurant.

Enough of how the place sets the mood for the night. On the contrary, the food is decently nice. They have some red meat main courses on the menu but the name of the restaurant says it all and of course we are ordering the fish dish.
Complimentary... home baked breads with butter, olive oil and tuna spread.

Soup of the day... Tomatoes with cream.
NZ mussels baked with cheese and bacon crisp. It has a very strong oceanic taste despite all that cheese.
My starter.. Prawns ravioli in creame. Very good and they are quite generous with the scallops. Can you see it?
My main... Always love grilled salmon but make sure it is medium cooked. Salmon doesn't taste good if it is fully cooked.
Kate's black cod as main.
Bill's Red Garoupa as main.
Haha... all time favorite dessert. Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream.
Bread pudding... I like the sweetness but the texture is a bit too soft.
The dinner was great, we are happy and satisfied with the food we had. The rain just wouldn't stop so we took our own sweet time hanging there until the restaurant closes. With Bill around, photo whoring is unavoidable.

Friday, May 27, 2011

To Die For

On the top floor of Paradise Park there are tons of well decorated restaurant to choose from. Some of Bangkok's most well known franchises like the Coffee Bean by Dao is gathered at this particular place. Forgot to mention, Paradise Park is a decent mall where the area that I'm staying has to offer. Besides all the flashy restaurant it is also the hub for the boutiques of local fashion designers.
The name and the vintage decoration of a restaurant caught my attention and I decided to give it a try. The food on the menu is mainly fusion which is a common thing nowadays where western delight was given a touch of eastern flavor and vise versa. The service were surprisingly good, well mannered and knowledgeable staff.

Here's the food I've tried.
Lobster bisque with garlic bread. Another perfect combination.

Penne with meat balls and Thai sausage.

Yaam-woon-sen the must have Thai appetizer. Glass noodle salad with shrimp and squid.

Brownies with vanilla ice cream. One of my all time favorite dessert.